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Country Guides (PDFs)

North Korea

How to deal with North Korea
(3 military strategies article)

What it is like to live in North Korea in 2018 (article)

What its like to be a tourist in North Korea (article)

Escaping North Korea (article)

Vice Documentary with the Harlem Globetrotters (doc)

Dolphin Show (filmed by Mr. Aikenhead)

The countryside by train (filmed by Mr. Aikenhead)

Workers in the field (filmed by Mr. Aikenhead)

Man who was born in a North Korean Prison (article)

Why America doesnt invade North Korea (article)

North Korean Amusement Park Photos

North Korean refugees stories (article)

Interesting North Korean Photos

More interesting North Korean photos

Full Vice North Korea documentary

Why North Koreans hate Americans (article)

Michael Palin in North Korea
(Great documentary about a Brit who goes to DPRK)

Do North Koreans make money?

Vietnam / Cambodia

Amazing Vietnam War photos

Cambodian Genocide Article

Story of a draft dodger who moved to Canada

Places to visit in Vietnam (video)

Surprising Vietnam facts (video)

Vietnam war (crash course)

Reality TV show of Swedish teens working in a Cambodia sweatshop


China's Social Media Experiment

Intro to China (Cartoon)

Ted talk about Chinese factory workers

Article about Hong Kong + China today

Images of Chinese factory workers

Rent a white guy in China (Vice Doc)

Effects of pollution

Crash Course Chinese history

Crash Course Chinese revolution

Crash Course China today

Chinese governments use of Pandas as gifts

Inside China's insect eating industry

Chinese communism kindergarden

One Child Policy Articles (for debate)

Vice Doc: Returning home for Chinese New Years

Chinese Women Livestreaming Industry

China's highspeed railway - interesting video

What $340 peking duck tastes like

Article on the true cost of cheap toys we buy from China

Undercover reporter works in an iphone factory

Documentary about what its like to work in a Chinese Factory

Baby Pandas in 3D!


47 Ronin play synopsis

Japanese Birth rate problem (article)

How to Parent like the japanese (article)

Japanese children travel to school alone (video)

Why hiding your true thoughts is normal (Honne vs Tatamae)

Why the Japanese Police are bored (article)

Why Japanese bathrooms are the best (video)

Japanese CEO takes the bus to work (video)

Conveyor belt restaurant  (video)

School Lunches in Japan

Why Japan has so many vending machines

Modern day Samurai - Way of the Warrior

Crash Course on Code of the Samurai

Crash Course on Japanese Theatre and Kabuki plays

Modern Samurai cuts up stuff

Modern Samurai cuts up more stuff

How to make $35,000 bonzai scissors

Japanese men choosing to isolate themselves from society (documentary)

Dark side of Harajuku Culture (documentary)

History of Bento Boxes (article)

Japanese Decorative trucks (article)


Amazon tries to open in India (article)

Bollywood (article)

The food on India's trains

India's water / sewage crisis (skip to 17:00)

India's street kids (documentary)

Crash Course on Gandhi

Crash Course on the non-violence movement

Crash Course on India's mythology

India's gay prince (article)

Kolkata's Flower men (article)

India Medical Train (video)

Crowded Trains in India (video)

Camel fair in India (video)

Rural Olympics with some unique events (video)

Rat temple! (video)

Interesting India facts (article)

An Indian man who has 39 wives (article)

What an Indian wedding is like (video)


Killing squads / Inside the war on drugs (article)

War on drugs (photo journal)

Why people like Duterte (article)

My Family's slave (article)

America's imperialism in the phillipines (article)

What its like being a journalist in the Philippines (article)

Secret gay language (article)

Photos of people who live in the cemetery

Graphic novel on the colonization of the Philippines 

Gay friendly Philippino commercial


Lonely Planet: Mexico

Latin American Revolutions Crash Course

Vox Documentary: Guatemala / Mexico Border

Trump supporting Luchadore Villian

How Pinatas are made

Mexican Responses to Coco

A letter written to Pixar about coco

The Making of Coco

A Gringos guide to Coco

Oaxaca Street art

How to make alebrijes monster statues 

Day of the Dead (article)


Pablo Escobar Tourism (article)

Vintage Colombian Photos

How the Youth of Colombia protested for peace (article) 

What it was like in Medellin when Escobar was in control (article)

Colombia's peace with FARC explained

Pablo Escobar's estate is now a dinosaur theme park (article)

Real life Narcos (3 part documentary)

Why We fight study guide (pdf)

Interesting Ron Paul Speech about Iraq (video)

Humans of New York: Refugee Stories

What Isis Really Wants (article)

The Other France (article)

Untold history of Iran (video)

The Daily Show goes to Iran (video)

Former ISIS Hostage speaks out (video)

Iraq explained (video)

Vox explains whats going on in the middle east (video)

Rise of Isis, Explained (video)

Refugee commercial

Europe refugee crisis explained (video)

Crash Course: Israel and Palestine

Crash Course: Iran

Geography now: Iran

Geography Now: Israel

Geography Now: Egypt

Vox: Syria's war explained (video)

The Islamic State (Vice Documentary)

How America created the Islamic State (Vice Documentary)

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