Comparative Cultures 12

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Japan Guide

Philippines Guide

Cambodia Guide

Vietnam Guide

China Guide Part 1

China Guide Part 2

India Guide


Articles / Videos:

North Korea

How to deal with North Korea (3 military strategies)

What it is like to live in North Korea in 2018

What its like to be a tourist in North Korea

Escaping North Korea

Vice Documentary with the Harlem Globetrotters

Dolphin Show (filmed by Mr. Aikenhead)

The countryside by train (filmed by Mr. Aikenhead)

Workers in the field (filmed by Mr. Aikenhead)

Man who was born in a North Korean Prison 

Why America doesnt invade North Korea

North Korean Amusement Park Photos

North Korean refugees stories

Interesting North Korean Photos

More interesting North Korean photos

Full Vice North Korea documentary

Why North Koreans hate Americans

Vietnam / Cambodia

Amazing Vietnam War photos

Cambodian Genocide Article


China's Social Media Experiment

Intro to China (Cartoon)

Ted talk about Chinese factory workers

Article about Hong Kong + China today

Images of Chinese factory workers

Rent a white guy in China (Vice Doc)

Effects of pollution

Crash Course Chinese history

Crash Course Chinese revolution

Crash Course China today

Chinese governments use of Pandas as gifts

Inside China's insect eating industry

Chinese communism kindergarden

One Child Policy Articles (for debate)

Baby Pandas in 3D!


47 Ronin synopsis 1

Japanese Birth rate problem

How to Parent like the japanese

Japanese Police (and how bored they are)


Amazon tries to open in India

The food on India's trains


Mexico Guide

Lonely Planet: Mexico

Latin American Revolutions Crash Course

Vox Documentary: Guatemala / Mexico Border

Trump supporting Luchadore Villian

How Pinatas are made

Mexican Responses to Coco

Mexican Traditional Dance How-To Video Playlist

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