Law Studies 12

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Review Notebook:

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Course Outline

Textbook Powerpoints

Guide to Debate


Intro to Law (Chapter 1)
Review powerpoint

Un declaration of rights and freedoms

Footage of first contact of a previously uncontacted tribe


Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Chapter 2)
Test: To review for the chapter test, read pages 36 - 65, and the Charter.

Charter of rights and freedoms (text)

Guide to the Charter (powerpoint)

A guide to Students Civil Liberties
Great resource about your privacy at schools, lockers, detentions, etc


Criminal Law (Chapter 4)

Elements of a crime review powerpoint

Elements of a crime project (focus on terms)

Canadian Criminal Code (PDF)


 Trial/Defences/Sentencing (Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9) 
Pay close attention to the page numbers on the first slide

Article about how effective prison sentences are

R V Ken decision


Arrest/Search Rights (Chapter 5)

Arrest Handbook (detailed)

Arrest Handbook (quick guide)

Arrest/Search review powerpoint

Law Professor lecture about why you should not talk to police 


Civil/Contract Law (Chapters 11, 12, 15)

Civil Law/Contract Law Review Powerpoint
Pay close attention to the page numbers on the first slide

Bad Lawyer Commercial Criteria


Family/Employment/Tenancy Law (Chapters 13, 14, 16)

Family/Employment/Tenancy Review Powerpoint

BC Employment standards act help

The basics to the Residential Tenancy Act

The actual RTA Lease

10 % Solution (Chapter)


Helpful Legal Links:

Open School BC Law 12 (Tons of helpful links)

Legal rights for Youth

Lawyer referral service (book a meeting with a lawyer for only $25)

Good article about a Vancouver lawyer 

Guide to your rights at a protest


China social credit

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