Law Studies 12

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Course Outline


Review Notebook:

ipad/iphone version

pdf version


Textbook Powerpoints

Guide to Debate


Intro to Law
(Chapter 1)

Review powerpoint

Un declaration of rights and freedoms

Footage of first contact of a previously uncontacted tribe


Charter of Rights and Freedoms
(Chapter 2)

Test: To review for the chapter test, read pages 36 - 65, and the Charter.

Charter of rights and freedoms (text)

Guide to the Charter (powerpoint)

Good article about a Vancouver lawyer 

Stanley cup reading package (PDF)

Stanley Cup Riots CBC News in Review

Criminal Law 

(Chapter 4)

Elements of a crime review powerpoint

Elements of a crime project (focus on terms)

Canadian Criminal Code (PDF)


(Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9) 

Crimes/Trial/Defences/Sentencing review ppt
Pay close attention to the page numbers on the first slide

Courts package (the handout is towards the bottom of the package)

Article about how effective prison sentences are

Arrest/Search Rights 

(Chapter 5)

Civil/Contract Law
(Chapters 11, 12, 15)

Civil Law/Contract Law Review Powerpoint
Pay close attention to the page numbers on the first slide

Bad Lawyer Commercial Criteria

Family/Employment/Tenancy Law
(Chapters 13, 14, 16)

Family/Employment/Tenancy Review Powerpoint

BC Employment standards act guide

The basics to the Residential Tenancy Act

The actual RTA Lease


Find a home assignment

Student Budget Calculator

10 % Solution (Chapter)

Helpful Legal Links:

Open School BC Law 12 (Tons of helpful links)

Legal rights for Youth

Lawyer referral service (book a 1/2 meeting with a lawyer for $25)

Effects of oil tanker traffic on BCs coast

 Notice: Hitting the Shaman Skull carries with it a half hour detention and 7 years bad luck.. 

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