20th Century World History 12

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Course Outline


History 12 review notes (pdf)

Term Essay Topics

Marking Rubric for Term Essay


Notebook Term Sheets

Treaty of Versailles Powerpoint

Woodrow Wilson's 14 point speech


Russian Revolution

Marx for beginners book (in pdf format)

Communist Manifesto Sparknotes guide

Capitalism poster

Complete history of Soviet Russia,
Arranged to the melody of tetris  (video)
(bonus points if you memorise the whole song)

Interesting article about Rasputin

Rasputin: the song (Warning: a tad odd)

Animal Farm (see me if you would like to sign out a hard copy)


Interwar Period

Why the stock market crashed (BBC documentary)

Trader admits another crash is coming (video)

The Crisis of Capitalism (video)

World War II

Amazing World War II photos

Other World War II photos shown in class (ppt)

Donald Duck Propaganda on supporting the war effort

Donald Duck as a Nazi WWII Propaganda cartoon

Interesting story of German Pilot who wouldn't shoot down a plane

Story of a female Russian Sniper

Leningrad pics - then and now

Interview with an American GI about collecting beer in a helmet

Important Holocaust Facts + Timeline

North Korea

Tragic but interesting article about a man 
who was born in a North Korean Prison 

(see me if you would like to borrow a novel about him)

Why dont we just invade? (Vice Article)

North Korean Amusement Park

North Korean refugees stories


Interesting Photos

More interesting photos

Full Vice documentary

Interesting speech about North Korea and 1984


Amazing photos

Hearts and Minds (Full documentary about Vietnam)

Cambodian Genocide Article


Intro to China (Cartoon)

Ted talk about Chinese factory workers

Article about Hong Kong + China today

Images of Chinese factory workers

Collapse of the Soviet Union

Photos from the Fall of the Soviet Union

Metallica Concert in Russia a few days after the collapse

Middle East

Why We fight study guide

Interesting Ron Paul Speech about Iraq

Fahrenheit 9/11

Humans of New York: Refugee Stories

What Isis Really Wants (article)

The Other France (article)

Civil Rights Movement
MLK Jr. 'I have a dream speech: Video    Text

Civil Rights movement photos


Carl Sagan 'frontier' series (youtube playlist)

Every Country in the world in less than 2 minutes song
(bonus points if you memorise this by the end of term)

Political Spectrum Quiz

Video clip about the future of education

Comparison of 1984 to Brave New World

Soviet liberation of Berlin, 1945 

 Mussolini's Fascist Headquarters, 1930s 

Library in London after the Blitz , 1941

 Christmas in the tube station during the Blitz, 1941

Dresden, after an allied bombing. 1944 

J.F.K.'s son salutes his father's casket , 1963

Napalm attack, Vietnam. 1966 

 A Protester offers a flower, 1967

A lone protester halts tanks in tiananmen square, 1989 

 President Obama sits near the front of Rosa Park's bus

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