Mr. Aikenhead's Class Website

  How to Apply:

Below is a list of all the major colleges/universities in the lower mainland. For each, there is a link to:

- minimum entrance requirements (what courses you need to take + what mark you need to obtain)
- how to apply
- due dates to apply by

 Johnston Heights Scholarship Information

1. Please note the following websites:

These websites are very valuable as they offer search capabilities and reminders about deadlines for a wide variety of scholarships in Canada. Have a look and sign up for free.

2. Now is a great time to get your academic information, letters of reference, lists of accomplishments, awards, transcripts and any other pertinent documentation together so that you will be prepared to apply for any scholarships as the deadlines approach.  It is very important that you are organized, as you will be very busy this year.  Don’t be shy, now is the time to brag a little!  Set up a file on you computer and keep track of everything in one place.  Remember if you are asking a teacher for a reference; please give them enough time and information to do a good job.  Request the info. sheet and fill it in so they remember your information.

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