Social Studies 9 + 10

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Socials 9

Written Response Rubric

How to write a Thesis Paragraph

Historica Fair

Project Criteria
Intro powerpoint
Step by step directions
past examples

LOST Assignment

Industrial Revolution:

Examining Bias in Curriculum
Columbus link #1
Columbus link #2

New France/Fur Trade


Confederation textbook (chapter)
Condederation Heritage Minute project 


Yakkos World (video)

Yakkos World Lyrics

Residential Schools

World War I

Textbook Chapter
Canadian WWI Propaganda posters
What Life was like in the trenches
Poem: In Flanders Fields 
Poem: They
Poem: Charge of the light brigade
Poem: Dulce et Decorum Est


Social Studies 10

Course Textbook

Unit 1: 1900-1945

Unit 2: 1945 - Present

Unit 3: Government

Unit 4: Human Geography

Notebook Terms

Notebook Criteria/Rubric

World War 1

Interwar Years

World War 2

Post-War Canada + The Cold War

Quebec/Aboriginal Issues


1920s + 1930s Canada

Cold War/Canada today


Living Standards/

The Prophet of Climate Change (article)

Carbon footprint calculator 1

Carbon footprint calculator 2 

Sustainable energy brochure project

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